It’s really happening!

We no longer have months before we leave…it is now only weeks. We’re still trying to figure out exactly when we will leave. August 6 is the earliest departure date but it could be postponed depending on when our additional accessories for Fitz get shipped and installed. They were estimated to be done in the middle of June but it’s taking much longer than that.

I (Seth) officially ended working at Purdue last week. After that, we went on a Bossingham family vacation and then drove directly to an Isbell family vacation. It was good to spend some quality time with family before we head out. We now have 10 days to move out of our apartment and then we will be (semi) homeless!

3 thoughts on “It’s really happening!

  1. Well I’m glad I got to meet your wife before you left. Make sure you stop at Lake Tahoe, it’s breathtaking. While there, 90 minutes west is Aunt Jean and Doug. They live back in the woods and have a little bit of land that you could park in overnight. It’s really nice. Find the church that has the circle staircase with no supports, I think it’s in New Mexico. It’s supposed to be a miracle. Post pics. I’d love to go there.

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